Tailor-made tooling

  • plug-and-play products and individual system management
  • simple setup for managing staff, agents, and field partners
  • comprehensive platform tracks payments in real-time
  • automated SMS delivery sends turn-on codes and warnings
  • substantial data collection for critical management choices

Luminutes Platform

The Lumeter Luminutes platform allows each distributor with up-to-the-second information about each customer, each product, and each payment.

It tracks and manages multiple metering systems and payment models, processing all customer transactions in real time

Luminutes is a flexible platform and allows for custom modifications to meet the needs of business models as well as the ability to adapt and work with outside software.


Lumeter prides itself on being able to make just about any product Pay-As-You-Go enabled. The Lumeter’s Pay-As-You-Go hardware is adaptable for all sorts of products including solar home systems, water pumps, a wide range of agriculture products, electric bicycles and much more. Talk to our engineers to find out if we can make your product Pay-As-You-Go.


Lumeter’s executive team is a highly skilled mix of engineers and developers, passionate startup and rapid-growth gurus, and renewable energy specialists; all underscored with years of accumulated business experience emerging economies.

We are very happy with how Lumeter works very flexibly to meet our needs, and is always helpful to provide customizations to adapt their technology to our needs.

John Fay

CEO, Vitalite

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