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From June 2017 Lumeter will continue under the wings of Mobisol


Mobisol will ensure continuity of Lumeter’s services to its customers and its mission to deliver an innovative PAYG software solution to underserved areas of the world. More info via

Customizable Pay-as-you-Go solutions

200 million households cannot afford to replace kerosene with safer cleaner solar power due to upfront cost. Farmers are constrained to hand-tools instead of powered equipment due to the same limits on capital. These customers are unable to avail credit to purchase alternatives as they lack the credit history or collateral. Lumeter believes that Pay As You Go technology increases affordability of such desirable products by amortizing the cost to the customer. We provide embedded ready-to-integrate PAYG technology and a customizable software back-end to manufacturers and distributors of such products. Customers are strongly incentivized to pay to keep their products turned on. Lumeter records each micro-payment, instantly turning off their product when the credit is used up. Distributors of these products use the software to set up and manage credit streams for new customers. Lumeter tracks all the company’s assets (equipment still owned), terms of credit, and loans, offering a turn-key solution so that distributors can focus on sales and service.


  • Manufacturers integrate our PAYG solution to offer plug-and-play products to distributors
  • Less investment of time and money using our ready-to-integrate solution
  • Shorter time to market


  • Distributors use our comprehensive platform – Luminutes, as a tool to run a PAYG business
  • Choose from a variety of Manufacturers and plug-and-play product ranges
  • Set up management of Staff, agents, and field partners
  • Track payments in real-time, and communicate with customers via SMS
  • Collect substantial data for critical management decisions


  • Customers purchase assets over time, without bearing high upfront costs

Scalable applications

Our technology has a wide range of applications. You can explore our PAYG enabled solutions to find the right fit for you.

Pico Solar

Lumeter continues to partner with Manufacturers and distributors of Lanterns and Solar home system to offer a basket of ready-made PAYG products to choose from. Lumeter is looking for Manufacturers and Distributers of Pico Solar products.

Mini-Grid Meters

Lumeter has developed Time and Energy meters for Minigrids. Integrators can install these meters in individual households to encourage their consumers to prepay for power supply. Our meters support both DC and AC micro/minigrids.

Solar Pumps

Solar pumps are expensive assets that can be advantageously sold on PAYG models. By integrating our technology into the pump controller, Farmers can explore rent-to-own or Community fee for a service models for irrigation.

Custom PAYG

If you have a product that will be more attractive to your customers with PAYG.

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